Why are Canadians increasingly turning to agencies for wedding arrangements?

We all have a story to tell about the time we made a mistake, misspoken or just plain feel mortified at an event. You know you have been there before. You are debating whether to talk about it.

However, this article is not about that. It's your time to shine and show how well you can put certain events behind you by reading Rebecca Maclary's article below on mistakes other bridesmaids have made!

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1) The flubbed toast: "At my sister's wedding, her maid of honour gave a lovely toast that was touching and funny - until she finished with 'to those who couldn't be here today,' and then named every single absent guest. There were two people, so the room fell completely silent as everyone tried to figure out who she was talking about." - Stephanie

2) The wardrobe malfunction: "I went to a wedding where one of the bridesmaids' dress straps started slipping off her shoulder five minutes before walking down the aisle! Another bridesmaid had safety pins on hand and got it fixed just in time." - Sheena

3) Getting too drunk: "When I was a junior bridesmaid, my friend asked me to pick up wine for after dinner cocktails. Instead, I brought back hard liquor that we drank straight from the bottle - in front of all the older guests!" - Angela

4) The bouquet toss failed: "The bride's bouquet hit me smack in the face, but I didn't want to make a big deal out of it. It was actually kind of funny!" - Sadie

5) Buffer blunder: "It wasn't my fault, but my bridesmaids and I got pulled over on our way to the hotel for bachelorette festivities. One of them had left her ID at home, which meant that the whole group had to pile into cabs." - Lisa

6) Faux pas fiancee: "My fiancé is Greek and his best man gave an insulting toast about how us Greeks don't think women are equal to men - even after what happened with the Euro crisis. The whole thing was beyond terrible." - Carrie

7) Maladroit maid: "I hired a wedding planner because I wanted everything to go perfectly. At my reception, she came up to me and asked if I'd like her to serve dinner! This wasn't a buffet - it was a sit-down dinner!" - Lisa

8) Boozing blunder: "On her last night as a bachelorette, my friend got wasted at a club and threw up on one of our friends in front of everyone." - Beth

9) Party foul parrot: "One of my bridesmaids brought her pet parrot to the reception. It kept screeching from its cage all night long. I don't think anyone got more than two drinks in." - Sarah

10) No-show sister: "My sister was supposed to be my maid of honour, but at the last minute she backed out. My parents had to take on her duties for the ceremony. It was really awkward." - Christine

11) Brother blunder: "I had two brothers give me away - one was married and one wasn't. When it came time for them to stand next to each other during the procession, they realized they didn't know which side was which! They just stood on opposite sides of me until we figured it out." - Amy

12) Cold dish calamity: "The food tasting was so good that everyone couldn't stop going on about how delicious it would be. At the reception, the main course was a total disaster - they used beef instead of lamb! There were no veggies either." - Sarah

13) Sweet sixteen snafu: "During our welcome dinner, one of my bridesmaids brought her 16-year-old daughter along, who proceeded to drink from everyone's drink glasses all night long without saying a word!" - Anne

14) The big blunder: "My dad got really drunk at the rehearsal dinner and started calling me his bride - right in front of my future mother-in-law! She left before anything could be smoothed over." - Georgina.