American Wedding Traditions

The premier reason why American wedding traditions stand out from the rest of the world is that they are a mix of old, new, borrowed customs and a blend of worldwide traditions. For many, most of these traditions might feel like fun, but there is more to them. Radically, these traditions are significant in many ways. The traditions are significant in every sphere of human’s life. They help to determine our way of living and help to keep up. For instance, even in online gambling there are traditions. Take a look at the and its traditions of swift customer support to catch an idea.

The Role of Wedding Event Agencies

Wedding event agencies play a significant role in setting these traditions, as they show how the couples are made of, as well as the bond between them. Most of the time, it will be very hard for the couples to make all the arrangements since it is a long list. This is where the event planners step in because they have been doing it for years, and they know how to solve any crisis that might occur. Of course, it isn’t customary to hire wedding event planners but then if you want to enjoy a hassle-free wedding, it’s best to join hands with them.

Carrying the Wedding Bouquet

A wedding can't go without a bouquet, just like a gambling site cant exist without online slots. Ever wondered why brides carry wedding bouquets? Yes, it enhances the bride’s beauty, but you will be surprised when you have the real reason.

To Disguise any Vexatious Scent

The aroma of a love bouquet provides an aroma of romance, which makes the ambiance soothing. This tradition goes back to the 15th century, when bathing was not a common custom. So, the brides carry bouquets with pleasant smells to keep away their body odor.

To Keep Away the Evil Spirits

This story goes back to the dark ages when people were too superstitious. The brides added some strong natural herbs such as garlic to their bouquet, believing that the scent of the herbs will keep away the evil spirits.

The Vernacular of Love

This is a reason that is acceptable for this modern generation where we consider flowers as a symbol of love and romance. From the olden days, flowers were sent along with letters to symbolize love. Each flower conveys a different message, as we can see in flower decoration art. Because of the unassailable alliance of the flower with romance, we gladly encompass this tradition.

To Protect the Bride

Have you noticed the brides throwing away their party after the reception? Well, the reason for it is believed to be this. Have you heard that centuries and centuries ago, society considered that a bride was a lucky person? Yes, that’s true, people believed brides symbolized luck, and it would be passed on to you if you managed to get a piece of her clothing. Wait, what? Are you serious? To save themselves, brides started throwing their bouquet into the anxious crowd so that she could escape with her husband. In the modern world, if an unmarried woman manages to catch the bouquet, she is believed to marry soon.

Other American Wedding Traditions

  • Having Something blue. The bride usually wears or carries with her something of blue accents. This act symbolizes the bride's luck on the day of the wedding.
  • Cake cutting ceremony. Cake cutting symbolizes the first activity done by the couples after the wedding, followed by feeding each other a slice of cake.
  • Ring. The couple wears the engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand. The prime reason for this is that it is strongly believed that the long vein from the ring fingers leads directly into the heart.
  • Old and Proud. The bride tends to wear some old jewellery passed from ancestors to symbolize that she is proud of her family and its traditions.
  • Throwing the Garter. Just as the bride tosses the bouquet, the groom removes the garter from his beloved bride and throws it to the crowd of single men.
  • Tossing Rice. All the guests for the wedding throws seeds at the couples to wish them fertility and prosperity.